"To Smile more in life go green with moringa miracle green powder"
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Scientific evidence is weak and preliminary but mildly encouraging for a limited number of claims. Aromatherapy is a holistic healing process for the body and mind with the use of fragrances.

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Welcome to Mimansha 3M

Mimansha Herbals starts from this philosophy ….

We believe that "Health is for All", and that access to health is a right of each one of us.

We believe in an active and pro-active participation in ensuring the nutritional well-being of all people towards a better, longer and more productive life.

Affordable …provide reasonable pricing scale that is consumer-friendly.

Beneficial …provide basic micronutrients needed by the body in the form of food supplements and other by-products.

Accessible … provide a distribution scheme that will reach consumers in cities, towns and provinces nationwide.

You cannot have good health if you do not consume food that is nutritional. With credibility and confidence we offer you a World Class Food Supplement for all your body needs. All in one, essential oils, fiber, amino acids, anti-toxics, vitamins and minerals.

We are dedicated to spreading the benefits of Moringa throughout the world. Modern scientific research is proving that Moringa leaves are one of the richest sources of such nutrients. People in several countries have found that Moringa leaves are quite acceptable to taste, especially when added to common foods. This miraculous plant has healing properties for over 300 diseases! Our goal is to make products of all the parts of the tree for the widest variety of health benefits. These products will improve your life and those you love without the side effects of chemicals, preservatives, additives or fillers. Because of its numerous healing and nutritious properties, around the world Moringa is the subject of legends and praise, awe and respect – so much so that it is also called "Miracle Tree," "Mother's Best Friend," and "Never Die."